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Pinned topic vce db2 schema and tablespace informations

‏2009-03-12T21:18:03Z |
Hi all,
I am trying to make vce work with sample windows db2 server.
I have run the collector tool successfully and exported the results to output folder.
When I checked the output html file, I can see schema, table and view names.
Export tool also generating a workspace file named as db2test.vce
When I imported this file, I can see db2 configuration added to configurations tab.
Until now everything is fine but when I extend the tree, it seems to be not including schema, table, view information. Unfortunately, when I try to create a diagram and select show tables, it goes just until the database children and not gives any information about the children. Either search results without any table or schema name.

Different than websphere .configuration export, no need to import any configuration file. I could not decide what is missing or wrong.

I would be grateful for any comment.
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    Re: vce db2 schema and tablespace informations

    The DB@ porovider works off of information provided by the DB2Support uitlity that is provided as part of DB2. The HTML files generated by DB2Support are parsed and fed into VCE. If you are seeing these things in the html files but not in VCE, then there is likely a bug I'll need to look at. Can you please send the collection to me at so I can have a look? It may be more convenient to use the VCE Topology Collector for this, as it packages the collection in a zip file for you.