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‏2009-03-10T14:58:11Z |
Hello FileNET community

Really need some help with this annotation security issue
Running Win2003 SP 2, IS 4.0 SP5 HFP 5 with Oracle for Windows

In Dec 2008, we lost half of our users in the security database. We restored it from a March 2008 backup. We believe that annotations that were made by users whose accounts were lost are causing the issue.

The annotations settings that we use are:

Read: <Anyone>
Write: <None>
Execute: <Primary logged on user>

This allows all to view the annotations, no one can delete or modify the annotation, and we get to see who made the annotation w/ the execute.

What we do to correct it is to access the annotation security screen and save the annotation again and it starts working when we pull the images using ACSAP.

We need to either suppress that error or fix the annotation database so it has R: <Anyone>, W: <None>, E: <None>, at least. Some annotations were made w/ <Primary..>, <Primary..>, <Primary..>, so they show <None>, <None>, <None>, so we need to correct that too.