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Pinned topic BRMS (not networked - permanent role swap

‏2009-03-06T14:40:57Z |

We will be performing a permanent role swap
The HA product is Vision OMS/ODS
The current production system is at V5R3, the HA system is at V5R4
Both systems have BRMS installed on them, however they are not networked.
The initial role swap will be reviewed after three days, and if OK the swap will be made permanent on the following weekend when the system names etc will be changed.

Would the following steps ensure that BRMS will work OK on both systems:

Install Advanced feature on HA system (the product is not currently installed) and apply PTF’s including SI22692.

SAVLICPGM 5722BR1 on both systems
Save QUSRBRM on both systems
Delete 5722BR1 from both systems
Delete/Clear QUSRBRM from both systems
Restore QUSRBRM to HA from Production copy
Restore QUSRBRM to Production from HA copy
Restore licpgm 5722BR1 including option 1 and option 2

QSYS/CALL QBRM/Q1AOLD PARM(‘BRMSYSNAME’ ‘*SET’ ‘xxxxxx’) on what was the HA system

QSYS/CALL QBRM/Q1AOLD PARM(‘BRMSYSNAME’ ‘*SET’ ‘xxxxxx’) on what was the production system

INZBRM on both systems

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    Re: BRMS (not networked - permanent role swap


    Did it work for you. I am being faced with a similar issue when upgrading from V5R4 to V7R1. The source is at V5R4 and the target system is at V7R1.

    Will restore of V7R1 QUSRBRM on V5R4 BRMS and Subqequent INZBRM work ?
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    Re: BRMS (not networked - permanent role swap

    Hi, it is not possible to take QUSRBRM from a higher release and restore it to a lower release system. There are new files and fields in files that the lower releases do not know about and these will cause problems.

    While it is possible to have different release systems in the same BRMS network, moving QUSRBRM from higher release to lower release is not supported