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Pinned topic ArrayIndexoutofboundsexception when create viewnavigator object

‏2009-03-06T07:09:11Z |
Hi All,

Sometimes the viewnavigator throws ArrayIndexOutofboundsexception I am using the following code

ViewNavigator viewNav =  view.createViewNav();

The error message like
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 42
at lotus.domino.cso.ViewNavigator.getEntries(Unknown Source)
at lotus.domino.cso.ViewNavigator.updateCache(Unknown Source)
at lotus.domino.cso.ViewNavigator.<init>(Unknown Source)
at lotus.domino.cso.View.makeViewNavigator(Unknown Source)
at lotus.domino.cso.View.createViewNav(Unknown Source)
at synaptris.iv.devapi.DominoDataHandler.process
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    Re: ArrayIndexoutofboundsexception when create viewnavigator object

    This forum is for topics related to WebSphere Portlet Factory's integration with Domino. You should try posting this question to a Notes/Domino specific forum.