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Pinned topic GDB_exim limitation

‏2009-03-04T16:08:21Z |
Hi all,

we´d like to export doctaba from Oracle (and later import to a DB/2 based IS) using GDB_exim. It always stops when it reaches exactly 2 GB for the output file. The target file would be ~3.5 GB.
Is there any limitation in GDB_exim for the size of the output file?

In the target directory (NFS mounted) is sufficient disk space available and there are already files existing which are much larger (~150 GB).

The following error message occurs:
disk write failed: 1023, errno 0
exported 7367965 rows
FATAL: export data failed: err= 0x79110067
error 121,17,103 -

Additionally the parameter "-t 150" only brings up the usage information of GDB_exim.