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What is the relation between architectural synthesis and architectural analysis?
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    Re: Architectural synthesis and Architectural analysis

    Hi Aneesh

    From RUP 7.5:

    Architecture Synthesis (an activity in the A & D discipline workflow)

    This activity constructs and assesses an Architectural Proof-of-Concept to demonstrate that the system, as envisioned, is feasible.

    Architecture Analysis (a task within the Define a Candidate Architecture in the A & D discipline workflow)

    This task focuses on defining a candidate architecture and constraining the architectural techniques to be used in the system.

    Not sure if this helps, but Architecture Synthesis is essentially evaluating candidate architectures and their feasibility for the application. It is done in Inception as part of fulfilling the Inception milestone, which evaluates the feasibilty of the project overall. It may include proof of concept technical prototyping. This would be a good time to look for reusable assets as an alternative to building everything.

    The cost of different architecture alternatives varies significantly (fault-tolerant MF vs. MS Access & VB for instance). I like to remind Architects that they get paid the big bucks to reach into their architecture toolkit and pull out the solution that is the most cost effective, yet meets the non-functional requirements (such as performance and reliability).

    Architectural Analysis may also be done in Inception, but typically, it is done in more depth in Elaboration. As we build software in Elaboration, we crystalize our architectural decisions as we form patterns, define components, interfaces, entities/classes, build new assets, and document our decisions.


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