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Pinned topic GRS installation exits incompatibility problem on z/OS 1.9

‏2009-02-26T20:15:40Z |
Hi All

I am facing incompatibility problem of GRS installation exits problem on z/OS 1.9. My clients (in Indonesia and Malaysia) have been using ISGNQXIT/ISGNQXITFAST since z/OS 1.4 to support their application. It worked well until they migrated to 1.9 last month. On z/OS 1.9 it always abend 0C1 whenever DEQ is encoountered. More over, it causes TSO users abend 0F8 or 738 when attempt to access/release dataset while the exit active.

When I was contacted, i was very optimistic as the sourcecode is still there. Based on the manual, there is no change on GUPI. Then i reassembled the sourcecode and it was successful. Unfortunately the problem was not resolved. Tried to determine the problem in various ways, but still find nothing. Finally, i wrote very simple one, just save registers, issue msg (WTO), restore registers and return just for investigation. Surprisingly, this dummy also got the same problem. It's not just incompatibility case. It seems to be a bug on the BCP site. Attached is the dummy one. You can try it on your system.



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    Re: GRS installation exits incompatibility problem on z/OS 1.9

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    Note - this is not the forum to ask questions such as this. Have the customer open a PMR.

    For the best performance, IBM recommends that the installation use the ISGNQXITFAST rather than ISGNQXIT. The ISGNQXIT exit should only be used if the ISGNQXITFAST exit cannot be used. In no case should both exits be used because both will be called on every ENQ resulting in degraded system performance.

    For each ISGENQ/ENQ/DEQ/RESERVE request with SCOPE=SYSTEM or SCOPE=SYSTEMS, the system invokes the ENQ/DEQ Installation Exit point, ISGNQXIT. The exit routines can modify attributes of the request prior to Resource Names List (RNL) processing. |See ENQ/DEQ Exits |Installation in z/OS MVS Planning: Global Resource Serialization for |the installation flow through ENQ/DEQ exits.