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Pinned topic Problem with javaws.exe 1.6 and 1.5 on Windows XP. webrenderer. Please help

‏2009-02-23T10:56:59Z |
Hi all,

I also asked this question here:

I have Windows XP (IBM client for e-business 2.17) and I used IBM Java 1.5 (installed from ibm-java2-ibmpc-jre-50-win-i386.exe). One day when executing application with Java Web Start I got bluescreen. And since then javaws stopped working. I reinstalled IBM Java 1.5 - it did not help. Then I downloaded IBM Java 1.6 ( and I get similar error. It says:
"javaw.exe has encountered problem and needs to close"
AppName: javaw.exe
ModName: webrenderer.dll
Offset: 0001d239

More information in attached files.
I found such information about webrenderer:
introduced a new version of "webrenderer". This third party products is used in the tep client for the "browser view" in tep workspaces. This components writes some dll's to the local windows file machine when the tep client is started.