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‏2009-02-19T20:33:15Z |
I am trying to change the favicon for my portal pages. I have searched for favicon.ico, but cannot find it. I did find the following line in the html source:
<link href='/wps/themes/html/IBM/images/Portal.ico' rel="shortcut icon">

But when I change the Portal.ico file, it does not show the new image.

Where do I change the image for the favicon?
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    Re: Favicon

    I had to create a new image as company.ico I then modified the header.jspf and added

    <link href='<portal-logic:urlFindInTheme file="images/company.ico"/>' rel="shortcut icon">

    and that worked!
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    Re: Favicon

    Now, in a newer version theme (I'm using the default Portal 8.0 theme at the time of writing) I had luck with this:

    I replaced the favicon.ico that is the images folder within the WebDAV base folder for my theme (or just the base folder for my theme since I am including static resources in my deployable WAR and not using WebDAV). Then I modified a line of code in bootstrap.jspf (you can see a before and after)...
    // portalIcon

    //urlMap.put("portalIcon", createURL(urlFct, new URI(themeWebDAVBaseURI + "images/favicon.ico"), null, isProtected));

    urlMap.put("portalIcon", "/AcmeTheme/themes/html/AcmeTheme/images/favicon.ico");

    Now, perhaps it is the case with the newer themes that if you are using the WebDAV approach, you can just update that favicon.ico file in WebDAV and it'll work fine. I think that since I am not using WebDAV, it was defaulting to a safety icon for portal, so I had to put a relative path in there like that.