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Pinned topic ant script to deploy bar to broker

‏2009-02-19T12:05:21Z |
while deploying bar manually, i open a windows command console and execute "mqsiprofile.cmd" command then "mqsideploy.exe .........". that means the "mqsiprofile.cmd" must be executed before "mqsideploy.exe.......", or not, it throw follow errors:

The user environment was not adequately prepared to continue execution. Locate and run the profile supplied with the product. This file is called mqsiprofile.cmd, and is located in the bin subdirectory for the product.

i want to deploy bar by using ant as follow:

+ <target name="mqsideploy.deploybar">+
+ <echo message="deploying Broker Archive file: ${bar.name} " />+
+ <sequential>+
+ <exec executable="${broker.home}\bin\mqsiprofile.cmd" />+
+ <exec executable="${broker.home}\bin\mqsideploy.exe">+
+ <arg value="-m" />+
+ <arg value="-i" />+
+ <arg value="localhost" />+
+ <arg value="-p" />+
+ <arg value="2414" />+
+ <arg value="-q" />+
+ <arg value="WBRK61_DEFAULT_QUEUE_MANAGER" />+
+ <arg value="-b" />+
+ <arg value="WBRK61_DEFAULT_BROKER" />+
+ <arg value="-e" />+
+ <arg value="ESQL_Simple" />+
+ <arg value="-a" />+
+ <arg value="${bar.name}" />+
+ </exec>+
+ </sequential>+
+ <echo message="Completed deploying Broker Archive file - ${bar.name} " />+
+ </target>+
it throw the same errors, it seems the two exec task don't use the same command context like what ti have done in the command console, who can help? how to use the two commands in ant script to deploy the bar archive to message broker?

Thanks for any helps!!
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