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Pinned topic Linux Data Migration from 520 to 515

‏2009-02-16T19:53:47Z |
I have a customer running a 520 with 2 LPARs, one is i OS V6R1 and the other is SLES9 Linux. The Linux disk is hosted by i OS and the only hardware dedicated to linux is an ethernet card.

I am following the data migration documentation from the
Systems Info Center that I found here:

I have verified that I am already using the pseries64 kernel on the source box but when I try to bring Linux up on the target system, it is not allowing me to perform the mount in the documentation that will allow me to correct the fstab file.

Do you think if I installed the latest SLES9 SP on the source and re-save the NWSSTG and restore it on the target box it will make any difference?