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Pinned topic Sametime Advanced 8.02 - Persistent Chat Question.

‏2009-02-02T18:57:04Z |
Hello Developing world.

I need some help trying to make some code changes in Persistent chat.
In theory what I need done is simple.
I have loaded Persistent Chat into my Websphere Portal.
Now I need to take the "New Chat Room" button and functionality that is located in the
All Chat Rooms tab and place it in the My chat Rooms tab, so that they look similar.
I need help locating where the button and code is for the "New Chat Room" button/link.
Any help on this process would be appreciated.

Thank You,

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    Re: Sametime Advanced 8.02 - Persistent Chat Question.

    Gabriella Davis is running a moderated topic forum about this very thing on all this week (I guess she's only there this week).