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Pinned topic cleartool findmerge activity... -type d -fcset is not doing directory merg

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Hello All,
Any one please help me!.
I am trying to do a directory merge with fcset option.
cleartool findmerge activity:CQDB000012345@\ucm_pvob -type d -nc -fcset -print

it throws me an error comes with:
cleartool: Error: Pathname not found: "m:\<ToViewName>\vob\src\resources\ClearRate.xml".
cleartool: Warning: Skipping "m:\<ToViewName>\vob\src\resources\ClearRate.xml\os\src\resources\ClearRate.xml".
Log has been written to "findmerge.log.31-Jan-".

(1) Is it possible for me to do a directory merge with -fcset option?
(2) How is a normal directory findmerge is not working for me...
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: cleartool findmerge activity... -type d -fcset is not doing directory merg

    -fcset should do the directory merge. One reason why it wouldn't is that it was already done (wrong) and the file you are after was left out.
    There is one strange thing in your error: there doesn't seem to be a view tag in there. The path should be M:\viewtag\vobtag\... Is that CQDB associated with a stream that no longer has a view?

    manual findmerge with -whynot will give more insight. If the problem is the missing view, running it with -gmerge will do the merge.

    Your error is about an xml file but you give -type d as operand. I assuume that you want/need to merge the parent dir of that xml file so you can merge the xml file itself.

    You need to look at the version tree of that directory or the UCM tab to identify the branch(stream) name used in CQDB00012345

    cd into your target view.
    cleartool findmerge -directory \vob\src\resources -fversion .../branch/LATEST -whynot -print


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