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‏2009-01-31T00:18:52Z |
Hi All.

I have two questions about metric calculation and "build error message".

First, I’m verifying the metrics calculated by Logiscope manually to make sure how they are calculated.
For this, I have a questions about 2 metrics which are not explained in detail. (I saw the manual and no detailed information for them: only explanation what it is.)
Following is the list that I’m curious about.

1. cg_entropy (Relative call graph entropy)
2. cg_testab (Relative call graph testability)

Secondly, when I built the project, I received 12 errors. I tried with different c-Dialects. However, still got those errors. I can compile the program itself on SunOS 5.10 with gcc 3.4.3 compiler. Is there anybody with the similar experience? The attached file contains error messages.
Thanks for all of your help and have a great day.
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    Re: metrics


    For the syntax errors, it may be helpful if you could post what occurs in grep.c just before the first error.

    C:\00-LogiscopeWorkspace\00-grep\grep.c(227): Error: syntax error before `bufoffset'

    The most common cause of an error like this is a compiler-specific keyword or builtin type that the Logiscope dialect is unable to handle. The solution, then, is to add this keyword to the Definitions file for your dialect.


    (Notice how these are similar to preprocessor macro definitions, minus the leading hyphen: -Dsometype=int)

    If you're uncomfortable posting your data to the forum, you could instead try contacting Support. is the address to use if you're in the US.

    Likewise, if you don't get an answer re: the definitions of the two metrics you listed, you could submit that as a question to Support and one of us will be able to find the answer.

    Good luck!