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‏2009-01-28T06:16:12Z |
I'd like to access a local notes database (say a replica), bypassing DIIOP/HTTP remote access to a domino server and use the local access (notes client) instead. Assuming that I can replace ncso.jar with the notes.jar and add appropriate notes binaries to the java library path of the application server, would that be possible with the portlet factory? How to get the "local" domino session object?

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  • GeraldMengisen
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    Re: Accessing local notes database

    No idea if your suggestion would work (I suspect that the session would have to be created in a slightly different manner), but having a local Domino server worked best for me. There you also have the advantage that you can watch the effect of your DIIOP calls on the server console by setting the DIIOP log to level 4 (tell diiop log=4).
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    Re: Accessing local notes database

    Currently, the Domino builders do not support local access. They create lotus.domino.Session objects using corba/diiop.