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Pinned topic How to make one CQ-based report link to another, to show record details?

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Hello -

I am creating a series of reports in PjC and I have what I think is a simple question. In the pre-made reports, I can see a report that shows a list of defects in a certain state, and each record ID is hyperlinked to another report. When you click that link, you are taken to an AllInOne type report for that specific record. Very handy!

I am trying to reproduce that for other record types but I can't quite get it. I figured out how to make the parent report, make the ID field into a URL. In the DISPLAY command I select 'artifact page' and 'navigation tree' and enter the name of the artifact page (the other report) that I want to point to.

When I click the link in the report, it takes me to the other report. However, I don't see any extended attributes in the URL like I do when I check the sample Defect report. The artifact report is blank right now because I'm not sure how to 'catch' the values that should be passed by the first page.

I am looking through the help but having a hard time with this!! Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Any advice much appreciated! thanks, Dave H
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    Re: How to make one CQ-based report link to another, to show record details?

    Still trying to figure this one out. I opened a PMR with Rational support but have yet to get a clear answer.

    I can make the parent page and it seems to work fine. I can tell that it's passing the info correctly because I can look at the url (the javascript generated url in the status bar) in the link and it's just like in the OOTB example. All of the passed variables seem to make sense.

    However, when I open up the AllInOne report and look in template view, I see that the open command at the top of the template view is different then the ones I've created - its a c:CQObject kind of open command. If I look at the open command I can see that there are some special characters that I'm guessing tell PjC to 'catch' the passed variables and that's how it knows which record to display.

    How can I create an open command like that in my document? If I can do that I think I can make this work. I have attached a screenshot of what I'm seeing - the open command in the template window (in the screenshot) seems to be the part I can't reproduce!