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‏2009-01-19T03:06:37Z |
Yesterday I installed the trial version of RAM again, but it was still not available.So depressed I was! Everything was fine in the early steps untill I imported the license.It reparted that the license was invalid a third time! Why is it? Who would like to explain the problem for me? Many thanks.
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    Re: RAM problem

    Sorry license is an unfortunate evil. I wish we didn't have to include it. I am sorry it is also being a pain for you.

    A couple of things to try.
    1. Make sure your RAM connection properties to your license server is setup properly.
    • Make sure you login as admin and setup the location of the license server.
    • Click adminstration tab
    • Click Configuration
    • Go to license and version section of the page
    • Enter the name of the license server. something like

    You can also try using the RAM Setup Assistant to make sure the license server is setup properly.

    2. Make sure your license server is actually running and is listening.
    • I have seen examples where the port is already taken and the license server can't start.

    3. Make sure you have a valid license key and the key shows up in the Rational license manager utility.
    • When you get the key import it to your license manager.
    • Test to see if the licenses are valid for RAM and are available within the Rational license manager utility.

    4. Make sure you have network connectivity between your RAM server and your Flexlm License Server.
    • Sometime ports are blocked or there is a firewall which prevents ram from getting to your license server.