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‏2009-01-12T22:42:02Z |
Hello --

I have portlets that are trying to connect to a domino server. I have 3 domino servers: Dev, QA, Production. Last week, I was able to connect to all 3 servers. This weekend, they did a promotion in Portal and now the application cannot connect to QA/Production of the domino servers.

I created a new model with a Domino View & Form builder to connect to the names.nsf and the $Users view. I selected the property file for Dev and clicked "Get Database and View" and I get the list of databases. When I change the property file to QA or Production and click "Get Database and View", I get this error:

class lotus.domino.NotesException: null
Plug-in Provider: IBM
Plug-in Name: WebSphere Portlet Factory Designer UI
Plug-in ID: com.bowstreet.designer.ui
Version: 6.1.0

NotesException: Server access denied
at Source)
at lotus.domino.NotesExceptionHolder._read(Unknown Source)
at lotus.priv.CORBA.iiop.RepImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
at lotus.priv.CORBA.portable.ObjectImpl._invoke(Unknown Source)
at lotus.domino.corba._IDbDirectoryStub.getFirstDatabase(Unknown Source)
at lotus.domino.cso.DbDirectory.getFirstDatabase(Unknown Source)
at com.bowstreet.editor.uitools.coordinator.BuilderEditorCoordinatorController.processInputChange(
I know that the username/password is good. I am able to go to a browser and enter the url to the names.nsf database. It prompts me for a username/password and I copy and paste the values from the properties file and the user is validated.

Any idea on why I cannot connect to the domino server?
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    Re: Connecting to Domino

    I suspect a configuration problem on the Domino server. See the Domino Data Access or Domino View & Form builder help.

    Specifically, make sure "Allow HTTP clients to browse databases" setting is yes in the Domino Server document.

    Also, ensure "Allow HTTP clients to browse databases" is set to Yes in the Domino Server document