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Pinned topic Notes for the accounts in Controller?

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Khai Nguyen said:


I'm wondering if anybody are using Controller also as a base for notes for the accounts?

I want to set up forms with a more detailed specification of the summation accounts. For instance, when reporting total income it should also be possible to specify the total on a different form (with more income accounts). Controller should then be able to reconcile the two forms so that the total income figure should be equal to the specification (the note). This means that the reporting entity report both the P/L account and notes for the account at the same time.

This should spare a lot of time since this is done in two seperate steps today requiring a reconciliation of the figures which seldom turn out right.

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    Re: Notes for the accounts in Controller?

    Mark Cracknell said:

    This is a very common use of Controller. The steps you would need to go through are:

    1. Add the various accounts to collect the detail - these will be statistical. They may Reconcile to 'TB' accounts - if so this also needs to be set.

    2. Design Input Forms and add the accounts.

    3. Define a Form Set that includes the Input Forms.

    4. Define a further Submission in the relevant Period/Actuality (only the Year End period).

    In this period you will then have extra forms to complete in a new Submission. The Status can then be worked through as normal (to Reconcile/Ready).