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‏2009-01-07T21:14:21Z |
Jeanine Meese said:

Hi There

Can anyone assist?

1. How to Authenticate Cognos Controller users access off the Active Directory?

2. Controller and the Excel Link are taking a long time to launch (1-2 minutes each)?

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    Re: Authenticate Controller &launch time

    Robert Tischler said:


    1) there is a Setting in the Controller Configuration - but there are some limitations (can be found in the documentation) as well.

    2) sounds familiar to me.


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    Re: Authenticate Controller &launch time

    Ben Clarke said:

    1) Random thoughts:

    Which version of Controller? Where do you want users to be authenticated (when they first hit the logon page, end - to - end...?)

    Are you using a Series 7 namespace currently? If so, you can use OS Signon in Access Manager user properties and harden up your IIS permissions.

    I stay away from controller as much as possible, but the security might be integrated with AD nowerdays with Controller 8.x (confirm anyone?)

    2) Have you troubleshot this at all? The question is a bit generic. Have you tried multiple workstations? Are you able to try it on the server?



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    Re: Authenticate Controller &launch time


    1) Read my Proven Practice document. You can find a copy here:

    2) This will be caused by this:

    Good luck!
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