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Pinned topic how to suspend and resume BPEL

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Can any one help me in suspending and resuming BPEL process. Actually what i need is, in a BPEL process if there is one Email notification task, the BPEL process should get suspened and the user who recieve the email will intiate another event, when ever the event is generated, the same BPEL process should get resumed.

Please help me in solving this. Is there any Out Of Sequence/Out Of Box concept in WID6.1

Thanks in advance,
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    Re: how to suspend and resume BPEL

    ‏2009-01-04T03:09:38Z  in response to Divya@satyam
    by now there is no 'automatic' mechanism in bpel to suspend/resume a long-running process instance. but you can achieve it by calling its suspend and resume API.

    from implementation level, you can add an intermediate component between bpel and email service. when you are going to send a notification, you just call the intermediate component, it will send the notification and also call suspend api to suspend this process instance. you can use the same approach to resume the instance once client has done. one thing you need to keep in mind is in order to call the suspend/resume api, you must have access to process instance id. you can get it in bpel process's java snippet.