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Pinned topic Getting error in recognising all bar codes in doc processing in Capture 5.2

‏2008-12-15T07:15:56Z |

I am getting a strange error in Filenet Capture 5.2. we are trying to seprate documents based on the bar code detection for that we have configured doc processing component in Capture settings.
When I am running Doc processing on the batch in adhoc mode it is working fine and detecting all the bar codes on different pages of the batch.
but when i am trying to do same thing by running capture path, doc processing is recognizing only first bar code in the batch.

I am using following components
Scanner -Fujitsu fi5220C
Filenet Capture 5.2
Filenet Content Engine 4.0

No patch is updated on Capture 5.2, Please let me know if any one has encountered similar problem.