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Pinned topic I am a OS/390 beginner

‏2008-12-12T12:56:52Z |
HI to all,
I'm starting to work with OS/390.
I've no followed formal training yet; I'm going to begin asap.

In the meanwhile, I need to understand what commands I need to use whitin console in order to check:

1) Host:
- IBM Enterprise Extender presence
- mainframe model
- operating system version
- Comunication Server presence
- comunication server version
2) Network adapter:
- OSA or OSA Express
- Modes
- SNA and TCP/IP (non-QDIO)
- TCP/IP only (QDIO)

I apologized if my question could result humdrum :-o, but I'm trying to address some my company needs...

Thanks a lot in advance