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Pinned topic DiscoverNamesInManagedProperties NoClassDefFoundError at runtime??

‏2008-12-11T16:21:59Z |
We recently upgraded to from 5.0, and everything was working nicely, then we needed to do some work on a webservice that we had, and suddenly we are getting some very bizarre errors.

The most confusing one is this:

000000b2 WebApp E SRVE0026E: Servlet Error-action: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/ws/webservices/engine/components/discovery/DiscoverNamesInManagedProper ties

There are actually 2 instances of webservices.jar in the classpath, one being at the WebSphere level directly and an older version is in the .war's lib directory as well. Both contain the class in question, so I am thorougly confused. I could understand some issues with perhaps the one that is included with the ear is out of date and should be removed, (it is clearly smaller and older), but for Websphere to claim that it can't find the class when it exists in 2 different jars that it should be picking up? This is beyond confusing to me.

Any help would be appreciated.