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Pinned topic Could not invoke HT asynchronously from BPEL

‏2008-12-10T12:22:50Z |
A BPEL invoking a HT with SCA binding. It means it is called asynchronously. A while loop is iterated by the user array inside the BPEL. Inside the loop HT is invoked. Potential user for the HT is dynamically assign through the loop.
Let’s say the loop is iterated 3 times, so the notification goes to three people. The problem with the sample is, the HT is called synchronously but it should call asynchronously. It should create three tasks simultaneously, but the tasks create after complete the previous one.
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    Re: Could not invoke HT asynchronously from BPEL

    in your scenario, you DO invoke HTM asynchronously, but the HTM operation is 2-way,the async request message is sent to HTM and then bpel will waiting for the asyn
    response message before executing next activity.. so you always get a sequence execution...

    there are three approaches to make those HTM creation in parallel.
    1. change the HTM operation to be an one-way style.
    2. use flow activity to make three invocations in parallel.
    3. use for-each activity.