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‏2008-12-05T21:28:23Z |
I need help to understand what kind of configuration is required for replication for DR. I know there is not a single approach and answer for this. It is depend on how replication is done.
We are thinking to build primary and DR servers with same SSN. Both servers will have their own storage and configuration. All the data will be replicated using some replication mechanism. We don’t have OSAR.
If suggest if anyone have this kind of configuration and whether it is feasible or not.
Thanks for your help.
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    Re: Image Server : DR and Replication

    If you are using IS 4.0 or older, you can use Multisystem System Synchronization (MSS) from Lab Services. Is is a combination of Multi System Commital and Imaging Services Resplication (ISR). MSC stores the original document on the DR system and then ISR keeps the indexes and security updated. I have attached the ISR documentation.