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Pinned topic Websphere Process Server 6.1 relationships migration utility or procedure

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Hi All,

I am using WPS 6.1 to integrate two systems - a legacy mainframe-based system and a modern .Net business application. I have employed the technique of dynamic relations and canonical data representation in WPS for facilitating and improving the business flows between the two systems. The project also has a provision for migrating data from the legacy system and creating appropriate data entities in the .Net system via the Microsoft tool SSIS which is a the ETL part of MS SQL Server, to my knowledge. One of the requirements I have to meet is to import data generated in the migration process (legacy-SSIS-.Net) into WPS, so that the dynamic relationships are supported and the data is in sync.

Does anybody know any tool, utility, or procedure used on similar project which imports and creates dynamic relationships in the WPS? The Relationship Manager in WPS supports database tables to store dynamic relationship instances (data) as primary keys for the objects involved in the participating systems and WPS. These tables are used in runtime for easy reference and lookups. These are proprietary tables and only utility provided by IBM or a third-party vendor can guarantee safe migration of dynamic and static relationships created outside the WPS.

I'll appreciate any clues, tips and info on this matter!


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    Re: Websphere Process Server 6.1 relationships migration utility or procedure

    Please post this question to the WPS forum: