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Pinned topic Adding a WORM drive to a CS 5.4 Server

‏2008-11-26T18:47:24Z |
Our CS 5.4 server is running well on a couple of RAID arrays. One customer wants to destroy the paper source documents that are stored as images on the CS 5.4 system. The Attorney counsels that to do that legally, the files have to be unalterable, which sounds to me like they need to be on Optical drives, or WORM drives (same thing?).
Does anyone have any hardware recommendations for appropriate drives or equipment to use for this? Any experiences with this to pass on ??
Thanks in advance !

Fred Wagner
Long Beach, CA
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    Re: Adding a WORM drive to a CS 5.4 Server

    Hi Fred,

    We´ve implemented a similar solution here in Brazil. In our case a HSM system was used, where for each document created, one copy was migrated to WORM and one copy was maintened in the storage.

    Other rules for archive were implemented, but the main benefit was the audit tracking because for each version of document, one copy was created in WORM.

    If you want is possible to create an attribute DocHash, i.e., and store the SHA1 hash for each doc version to improve the security process.

    Marcos Rosa