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‏2008-11-20T15:52:23Z |
We are excited to announce the launch of the IBM C/C++ Café!

The goal for this website is to build an XL C/C++ community where customers, partners, and compiler developers can meet to learn, share experiences, and exchange ideas. There are postings providing tips and tricks as well as in-depth information to help users take full advantage of XL C/C++ compiler products on IBM POWER, System z, Blue Gene and Cell systems. Blogs and on-line forums are also available to facilitate discussions on the future direction of the C and C++ programming languages and to gather suggestions and requirements for future releases of XL C/C++ compiler products.

Please take some time today to visit the café at and register to become a collaborator. I hope you will find the information useful and will return regularly to the café to participate and help build a vibrant XL C/C++ user community.

Dwayne Moore
Compilers Enablement Team Lead