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Pinned topic MRCPv1 Client Starup Issue

‏2008-11-05T12:14:59Z |
When trying to start an mrcp client the following message appears in the client log files:
12:02:50:046 <rcm,t188,O4,CLIB,0> (sl): (RtpDriver) 1 RTP workers are still running at interval start.

The result of this is that the Voice Server does not receive any RTP information to process recognition. In trace.log on WVS:

04/11/08 15:00:31:859 GMT 364e2b59 MediaConv W CWVMC0012W: http://sid=1.IBM. The Media Converter ASR subsystem received 0 RTP packets on port=50,004 recognize mode=2

The client config has been verified to ensure connectivity, firewalls have been disabled on either side for test purposes, name resolution works, etc