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Pinned topic distributing a huge number of records for the first time

‏2008-11-03T10:44:08Z |
I plan to connect an existing server with quite a huge number of records to another server that will potentially act as backup solution in case of disaster on the fist one. (Connection will be one way)
If I adminbug conn, I guess all the records will then immediatly (once the connection protocol is done) start to flew per email to the new server.
As there is more than 1 million records, I wonder about the impact of this activity on the initial server.
Maybe it is not a problem as they will be treated sequentially, one being sent only after the previous has been correctly received?
The only action would I see to limitate any impact would be to unfilter in the export progressively.

Do you think there would be an impact? Any experience to share welcomed!