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Pinned topic RAD 7.5 - run server with resources within the workspace

‏2008-10-30T22:44:46Z |
I have recently installed RAD 7.5 and WAS 6.1 Test Environment.
I'm trying to set this test WAS to "run with resources within the workspace" with the option to "minimize application files copied to the server".
With these settings I have deployed an enterprise application that has a web module and an ejb module. On the application deployment descriptor (application.xml) there are projects mapped to utility jars.
The EJBs are correctly deployed but the application fails with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError complaining about classes of the projects mapped to utility jars.
I verified the classloader viewer for the RAD embedded WAS and for our development WAS where the enterprise application is normally packaged and deployed. In the last one there are classpath entries for utility jars, but not for the RAD embedded one.
How to configure this setup to assume classpath entries for the java projects mapped to utility jars?

Thank you.
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    Re: RAD 7.5 - run server with resources within the workspace

    I know this thread is nearly a year old, but am having the same issue. I have a utility jar with some classes that are referenced by both a web and ejb module. When running with resources on server, the web module finds the classes fine, but any reference from EJB module to the util jar classes fails with NoClassDefFound. If I deploy with resources on server, it seems to work OK (but takes MUCH longer to deploy).

    Any help appreciated.