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Hi friends,

I am a Niranjan from Melbourne. I've just started my Masters in Software Enginerring. I'm a novice in all these all these RUP and stuff. But, I wanna learn about RUP. All I know about RUP now is its is framework for software development. Can anyone please tell me (or give me link) to know what RUP ps and how does it exactly works?

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  • RobExley
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    Re: New to RUP


    You can probably get a trial download from the following

    Additionally wikipedia has a entry for it

    You can also get numerous books on the subject

    Some of the ones I have read and found useful are
    The Rational Unified Process - An Introduction (Philippe Kruchten)
    The Rational Unified Process Made Easy: A Practitioners Guide to the RUP (Per Kroll/Philippe Kruchten)
    Adopting the Rational Unified Process: Success with the RUP (Stefan Bergstrom/Lotta Raberg)

    Hope that helps.

    Additionally although slightly off topic. You could download and examine OpenUP which shares a lot of commonality now with RUP.

    Apologies but all the links above are for the UK or US sites and therefore you may have to adapt for your geography.

    Rob Exley.
  • mirot
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    Re: New to RUP


    ... take an incremental approach to learning. A recommendation may be to start with the core practice of iterative development.

    also, take a look at Rational Method Composer. The RUP library contains a ton of materials, with descriptions of roles, tasks, work products, and guidance including examples, etc.

    and, of course, if you want to go lighter, have you thought about starting with OpenUP? You can read about it and download the tool at

    best of luck,