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Pinned topic New IBM Compilers available

‏2008-10-23T13:03:06Z |
Last month IBM released new versions of the C/C++ and Fortran compilers for Linux for Power. The new versions are
  • XL C/C++ Advanced Edition Version 10.1
  • XL Fortran Advanced Edition Version 12.1

Details can be found at

60-day trial versions are available for download.

These updated compilers should work fine within the context of the IBM HPC Open Software Stack. Be sure to report any problems here on this forum and people will help get things addressed.
  • The current IBM HPC Open Software Stack has been extensively tested with the XL C/C++ Version 9 and XL Fortran Version 11.1 software levels. This forum posting isn't intended to change the current tested software stack definition. It's simply a timely reminder to check out the latest versions of the IBM compilers.

Product plug: The IBM compilers are constantly being fine-tuned for performance and new features to exploit the POWER hardware. For high performance applications, they are certainly a "must-have" start-here product. Check them out.

If you've tried the new compilers with the IBM HPC Open Software Stack, let us know your experience here. We're very interested!