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Pinned topic Eclipse and Data Tool Platform - Run Procedure Object in DB2 Express 9.5

‏2008-10-22T08:24:50Z |
I'd like to create a web site using Eclipse (J2EE platform), WASCE (IBMJDK 1.5) and DB2 Express. When i try to run a Procedure Object named BONUS_INCREASE (SAMPLE is the database name) the dtp don't show me the "Configure Parameters" dialog panel. The procedure has two input parameters. The run goes in error with the following message:

"BONUS_INCREASE" has the wrong number of qualifiers. SQLCODE -108, SQLSTATE=42601, DRIVER=3.50.152

It doesn't make sense that call uses the name of database before the schema.

It would be like call OYM.BONUS_INCREASE (parameters..) where OYM is my schema and not like call SAMPLE.OYM.BONUS_INCREASE.

In my opinion the Configure Parameters dialog panel doesn't appear because SAMPLE.OYM.BONUS_INCREASE doesn't exists but OYM.BONUS_INCREASE exists.

For the DB2 SQL Language for calling a stored procedure the right procedure signatures is a procedure identified by its schema, name, and the number of parameters like schema.name_procedure(?,?,?...).

Has anyone any idea?

Anyway, thanks for your attention.

The configuration is:
  • eclipse-j2ee-ganymede-SR1-win32 with "dtp" version 1.6.1
  • WASCE 2.1
  • DB2 Express 9.5

The steps was - In the "Preferences"."Driver Definitions" i added a new "IBM Data Server for JDBC and SQLJ" for "DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows" for the only listed System Version 9.1 and using the right jar driver contained in the DB2 installation
  • I created a new "Connection Profile" with SAMPLE database using the driver used above
  • I expanded the schema in the SAMPLE database tree under the "Data Source Explorer", and i chose the Procedure Object used above
  • Then "Run"."Run as"."SQL Routine"