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‏2008-10-21T10:37:01Z |
I have a problem with our Tivoli implementation. We don't have TEC and although we do have Netcool Omnibus installed we have not got it live yet. Because of this I have had to create a custom Navigator view for our Operations department that only includes the production systems. The problem with this is that if I want to display the MS_Offline situation I have to include the "Enterprise" selection within the view which causes some Test/Dev alerts to get displayed. To avoid this I have set the level on the MS_Offline situation to Information and have it writing to a log file on the TEMS server. A log file monitor is then running using Universal Agent which picks up the Offline agent alerts and displays the for operations.

The problem with this solution is that the alerts are not self clearing as they would be if I included the Enterprise item in the custom navigator view.

Does anyone know how to get the MS_Offline situation to display in a custom navigator view without including the Enterprise selection within that view?

Neil Simmonds
Operations Analyst
Express Gifts Ltd.
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    Re: Custom navigator views and MS_Offline situation

    I hate bringing up really old posts but I'm actually having a similar issue. We don't have OMNIBUS and our operations centre uses the TEP as their main console. We of course want to receive agent offline alerts for production servers but the alerts for non-production servers just cause unnecessary noise for Operations. I can't disable the alerts for non-production servers as the agent offline situation is applied to All Managed Systems. Anyone have any tips as to how to handle this type of situation? The parent posters suggestion of a log is interesting but not ideal as I would like to have the alerts clear automatically when an agent is up.