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‏2008-10-20T20:22:37Z |
Hello Rational Community!

What do you think of possibly renaming this forum to encourage a more generic "methods" discussion? Many in our community are using a variety of methods, including RUP, OpenUP, SUMMIT Ascendant, Scrum, Harmony... and the list goes on.

As well, "agile" ideas are quickly becoming mainstream, especially in complementing structured methods such as RUP.

I am very encouraged about the future of methods, in particular, the next version of RUP and OpenUP. However, I think that this community will be more valuable to all of us if we expand the scope of discussions beyond the RUP walls?

What do you think? Any ideas on what the new name for this forum should be?

Mark Lines
RUP Discussion Facilitator
Founding Member of IBM Rational Methods Customer Advocacy Group
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    Re: Renaming of this forum....

    I agree Mark. Renaming this forum maybe a good way to breathe new life into it.

    Perhaps something like "Process, Methods, and Practices" or "IBM Rational Methods and Practices" might work.