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‏2008-10-18T11:26:30Z |
I am having 2 TSM servers running in AIX.Reports are generated for these 2 servers from an windows 2003 box.
TSM version 5.4.1
TSM OR version 5.5.1

Reporting was working fine for the past 10 days and suddenly some thing went wrong.The report is generated but it is not displaying the additional SQL queries which we added.For server A it is not displaying any additional SQL queries but server B it is displaying all that we required.

When looking into the OR .trc logfile it seems for Server A it is executing only the .XML file and not picking up the .EXT files and hence it is not displaying the additional info in the report.For server B it is executing the .XML and then picking up the .EXT files.

In reporting i had selected all the addtional queries.

Techies please help on how to trouble shoot on this ..

Thanks in Advance