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‏2008-10-13T07:23:06Z |
Our customized application uses CS 5.4 for storing and retrieving documents. We use only 1 user -id for all users to provide the upload/downloading of documents from CS through the application. i.e. users do not login specifically into CS. Instead we have image services 4.0 (using eprocess 5.1) authenticating the users for the custom application. When user clicks on the download button on the page, the function logs into CS using 1 common id and helps upload/download docs.

The problem we are facing since sometimes is that occassionally the system pops a message to the user saying that the doc cannot be access. We have trapped the error message and it logs as 'No credentials exist for this user'. So when this happens we need to either restart the CS services on the server or the user has to wait for sometime before trying again then the function works.

Can anyone suggest what could be happening and whats the solution for such problem.