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Pinned topic IBM Power 595 server enhancements improve availability and growth

‏2008-10-09T18:19:59Z |
IBM Power 595 enhances your ability to support large-scale application and database growth with new reliability, availability, and serviceability features, including Hot-node Add and Hot-node Repair.

Power 595 systems now support adding additional processor books to the CEC without powering down the system (Hot-node Add). The additional processor book with its associated memory and GX adapters would be ordered as a system upgrade (MES order) and installed while operations continued. The additional resources of the newly added processor book may then be assigned to existing applications or new applications, as required.

Power 595 systems that have experienced a component failure on a processor book can now have the processor book removed and repaired without powering down the system (Hot-node Repair). This repair is accomplished by deactivating a processor book and removing it without an IPL. When the repair is complete, the book can be brought back online and its resources made immediately available for assignment to new or existing application environments.

Hot-node Repair is also designed to enable the addition of memory to processor books without powering down the Power 595 server.

These capabilities are available to existing 9119-FHA systems after upgrading to firmware level eFW 3.4.0, or later.

A new 5.0 GHz processor book for the Power 595 server is now available to support IBM's highest density 16 GB memory DIMMs (0/64 GB memory feature, #5697). This new processor book is compatible with the previously announced 5.0 GHz processor book, which supports 0/4 GB, 0/8 GB, 0/16 GB, and 0/32 GB memory features.