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Pinned topic IBM Systems Director on x86, V6.1:

‏2008-10-09T18:11:42Z |
Systems Director for Power Systems, V6.1 delivers the following:
• Unifies the management of IBM® Systems, delivering a consistent look and feel for common
management tasks
• Integrates IBM's best-of-breed virtualization capabilities to deliver new and improved ways to
simplify the management of physical and virtual platform resources
• Offers multisystem support for IBM Power Systems, System x™, System z®, BladeCenter®,
and IBM Storage Systems
• Delivers an extensible, modular foundation to enable core systems management capabilities
with additional plug-ins
• Enables seamless integration of IBM systems with the total infrastructure
• Helps reduces training costs using a consistent and unified platform management foundation
• Manages non-IBM x86-based systems through a dedicated agent
This hardware management solution includes:
• Inventory of hardware features and settings
• System health and status notification
• System firmware and driver update management