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Pinned topic No messages being transferred from the POS system to the MQ queue

‏2008-10-06T03:28:17Z |
Hi All,

We have been facing issues in our configuration of the MQ/MQe while transferring messages the messages (very similar to the issue reported in

the configuration is as follows:

* There is a Big MQ (WebSphere MQ V5.3) that runs on the AS400 host with a MQ Bridge configured to get the communication between the MQ/MQe in place.
* The POS has the MQe (Version is running at it
We have a set of synchronous remote queues which are used for real time communication (Inquiry). The problem that we are facing is, When every time a Inquiry is made, the first attempt fails with the following exception. on CC3980QMCC3980QM 283103 (code=600)
at com.toysrus.posjava.readwritestream.MQeQueueWriteMsg.writeData(
at com.toysrus.posjava.listeners.OutputProcessor.writeToDestination(
at com.toysrus.posjava.listeners.OutputProcessor.writeMessages(

However this doesn't happen during the successive attempts, But resurfaces at random periods.

We have a set of message with different types (specific to application) being written to the desired queue. All of them have the same length. but unfortunately it is only one type of message that always ends up with this error. We are not sure if this has got anything to do with the actual issue.

We used to face this problem on a regular basis (i.e. every time it was attempted to write into the remote queue), when we used to have the older version of MQe running at the (IBM4690. Once we had a version upgrade at the IBM4690 (MQe) and now this issue happens on a very random basis.

Can someone please provide us with some inputs on this issue.