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‏2008-10-05T06:13:53Z |
In Pattern Action Reference manual it states that "for each active token there should be one corresponding domain mask in the override instruction, and that the domain mask is the class to use to RETYPE the corresponding token. The only valid values for a domain mask are A, N, O and R.
Can someone please explain what these mean, where they are used (apart from in the override table, which I can discern in the manual), and how they are used when OVERRIDE_P action is used? The manual appears to lack any information on this: if I am wrong, please advise where in the manual this is explained.
(Thank you for your time.)
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    Re: Domain Masks

    This particular discussion refers specifically to the PREP rules. where
    A : Address
    N : Name
    O : Other
    R : Area

    During the preprocesor rules the incoming patterns are re-tokenized to one of the above tokens

    for instance when the rule finds ^?T the outbound pattern will be AAA.

    I am not sure how much detail you are really looking for. I like to keep it simple please feel free to ask another question if I have not addressed your concerns