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‏2008-10-05T06:12:26Z |
(Posted on behalf of a friend, since I was uncertain of the answer or where to look.)
In Pattern Action Reference manual the term "POST actions" is used, and the manual explains that POST actions must occur prior to any pattern-action sets (in the PAT file) and are preceded by the line \POST_START and followed by the line \POST_END.
My question is, what do the POST actions do, and when are they executed? For example are they executed once for each token set, or after each pattern-action set?
(Thank you for your time.)
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    Re: POST Actions

    Please advise if I am over-simplifying the answer to your question

    Typically the post actions generate the phonetic code. If you search for \POST_START in USNAME you will see the following. this information must be located before the main body of the rules, but is not directly related to any particular action set. Instead just before the row exits the rule, it generates the specified output fields.

    ; Phonetic Codes

    NYSIIS {MatchFirstName} {MatchFirstNameNYSIIS}
    RSOUNDEX {MatchFirstName} {MatchFirstNameRVSNDX}
    NYSIIS {MatchPrimaryWord1} {MatchPrimaryWord1NYSIIS}
    RSOUNDEX {MatchPrimaryWord1} {MatchPrimaryWord1RVSNDX}
    NYSIIS {MatchPrimaryWord2} {MatchPrimaryWord2NYSIIS}
    RSOUNDEX {MatchPrimaryWord2} {MatchPrimaryWord2RVSNDX}