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Pinned topic Can VCE compare WAS parameters or only application differences?

‏2008-10-02T15:33:18Z |
I have four production WAS 6.0.2 servers that host an application (this is not a Network Deployment version of WAS). Each of these WAS servers is hosted on a different zLinux image.

Servers 2 - 4 were cloned from the original server. Something is different in the setup options (parameters) for server3.

Is VCE the correct tool to use to identify what these differences are? I've run the script on server1 and on server3, then imported the output files into VCE under ISA. It appears that only the Enterprise Applications are being compared.

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    Re: Can VCE compare WAS parameters or only application differences?

    Hello Harley,

    What version of VCE are you using? Please verify you have the latest version available via the ISAv4 update facility. You should end up with a collection from each of the servers. All three of these should be loaded into VCE's provider navigator view. Select the 2 items you want to compare and select the compare tool. From there, select "compares subtrees". See for a good primer on how to use VCE. And do get back to me with questions.

    Bob DeLima