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Pinned topic formatting the sametime name with people awareness builder

‏2008-10-02T06:41:09Z |
I set up a table with some data also containing a column with the user name. Instead of just containing the users name I used the awareness builder to display the sametime awareness of the user.
Now the content of the field (which normally is the users name) is replaced by the awareness builder to display the awareness status and additional funktionality like chat. I am happy to this point but the user name which is displayed by the awareness builder is not the plain name but the full qualified string containing the users name, the company (or domain) and the two letter language or country code.
I did some resource and discovered that the sametime portlet which is shipped with the portal server displays single users which were added by the users name or id just like this. If a group is display by this portlet, the user names of the members are displayed as 'short' user names (firstname and lastname).
My question now is, how can I configure the awareness builder or the portal server in a way that the single user names are display in a short manner (firstname and lastname)?
I hope that there is a way to configure this, because otherwise I would have to use the sametime API directly to achieve this.
Thanks for your help in advance.