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Pinned topic How to Create Compute Grid Test Server

‏2008-09-24T16:59:20Z |

Since I keep getting inquiries from customer visits, I figured I'd post this information here. The Compute Grid Test Server is supported in three basic flavors:

  1. Trial version WebSphere Application Server trial download + UTE
  2. Licensed version WebSphere Application Server + UTE
  3. Rational Application Developer + UTE

UTE="Compute Grid Unit Test Environment augment"

Note: UTE is supported in standalone WAS app server only (or RAD unit test server)

Basic steps:

  1. create WAS application server
  2. apply WAS fix pack level recommended for Compute Grid
  3. augment WAS profile from step 1 with UTE

Documentation: see attachment

[u][b]Quick References:[/b][/u]

Recommended Fix Pack Levels
Instructions for adding UTE to RAD

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