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Pinned topic Error updating snapshot view with *.loading and *.loading1 files

‏2008-09-23T03:25:37Z |
Kindly let me know the following information about the .loading and .loading1 temporary files created in a snapshot view in CCRC:

The *.loading and *.loading.1 files are private view files. How can a private file interrupt the update process because as soon as you delete the *.loading file I can update the resource. Also let me know how are these files generated and is there a way to avoid them.

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    Re: Error updating snapshot view with *.loading and *.loading1 files


    Hi WDP4,

    Have you found the cause and the solution of this issue? 

    I'm recently running snapshot view updates on multiple VOBs with over 100,000 files in total.  And the update process often (not always) get stuck.  When using view update GUI, the GUI just stops at certain point with no further progress; or when using "cleartool update" command, the command prompt stops at one particular file.  After killing the update process, these view-private *.loading and *.loading.1, show up as the result in the respective directory where the update process stops.  At the same file, the problematic file will show the checkout-removed sign in front.  However, when you right-click the file, there is no undocheck choice, rather update choice is there.  And updating that particular file would just work fine.  Then if I continue to update view for the rest of the files/directories, it may (or may not) get stuck again somewhere else.

    I had suspected that this was caused by the possibility that the problematic files are modified (checked in) after the update process starts so the timestamp comparison may be messed up.  But according to "cleartool man update" as quoted below, this shouldn't happen.

    ====Quote from "cleartool man update"====

    The update command accounts for the fact that VOB elements specified by your config spec may change while an update is in progress. To avoid loading an inconsistent set of element versions, update ignores versions that meet both of the following criteria:

    • The version is selected by a config spec rule that specifies the LATEST version label.
    • The version was checked in after the moment the update operation began.

    update also accounts for the fact that the system clocks on different hosts may not be synchronized.

    ====Quote from "cleartool man update"====