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Pinned topic UPES posting messages to QM other then FMCQM

‏2008-09-19T09:45:35Z |

Just wanted clarification and how do we implement the following.

I think we can use UPES to put messages to a QM which is not the one used by MQWF administration (namely FMCQM).

Can anyone let me know how is this achievable?

I have a UPES which is configured on a MQ queue which is on a QM other than FMCQM.
The only setting I can see is that the UPES has the mentioning of the queue name and the QM name.

Is there any other setting that needs to be done ?

The main reason I am asking this question is that I am getting an error MQRC 2087, i.e. UNKNOWN_REMOTE_Q_MGR, when my program activity is trying to put messages into the queue which is defined in other QM.

Pats ...