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Pinned topic Capturing Webservice response in Email Adapter for email

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I am invoking the webservice from BPEL but need a way to send the response as Email with the email adapter for that I have created some custom BO's and clubed them to generic EmailBo provided by the adapter.I want to capture the soap response in my BPEL and send as email content to the emailid returned by the webservice.How do I populate the custom BO's and send a formatted email with the use of the adpater, I am on WID 6.1.2.

Appreciate any help
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    Re: Capturing Webservice response in Email Adapter for email

    Under the following folder you will find a sample module for the email adapter:
    <wid install directory>\ResourceAdapters\Email_6.1.0.1\Samples

    The adapter has to installed on your local server as well, in the following folder you will the find the resource adapter you should use (CWYEM_EMail.rar):
    <wid install directory>\ResourceAdapters\Email_6.1.0.1\deploy

    How to install:
    1. In the admin console on your server go to Resources --> Resource Adapters --> Resources Adapters and click Install RAR-button
    2. Locate the file I mentioned above
    3. iii. Set name to IBM WebSphere Adapter for Email, the class path should be ${CONNECTOR_INSTALL_ROOT}/CWYEM_EMail.rar. Save the changes
    4. Click on the installed adapter, and under Additional Properties click on J2C connection factories.
    5. Create a new connection factory:
    Name: Email
    JNDI name: jca/Email
    6. Click OK to save the changes.
    7. Click on the new connection factory, and go to Custom properties. Locate the host property, and enter a valid smpt-adress.

    This should do it :)